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Press Release: Video Projection at Equinor’s AGM in Norway highlighted risks of Bay du Nord to marine life and global warming

Equinor, Norway, Stop Bay du Nord
Also today: Concerned Newfoundlanders and Labradorians protest at Equinor’s office in St. John’s, and Equinor’s AGM hears directly from a Canadian on the risks of Bay du Nord.

A striking projection appeared on buildings and other local landmarks in Stavanger on the eve of Equinor’s AGM. The videos featured testimony from Canadians opposing Equinor’s proposed offshore oil project, Bay du Nord, highlighting the risks to marine habitat and the climate. 

Media Statement on Reported Bay du Nord Approval

They call upon all leaders to oppose this government’s climate inaction and say we can have no confidence in their climate promises. Failing to oppose the expansion of oil and gas extraction would be complicity in climate denial.

Media Release: Students confront Environment Minister Guilbeault on Bay du Nord

MONTREAL, April 1st, 2022

Today student strikers for the climate confronted Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault during a press conference held at the Maison du Développement Durable in Montreal about the proposed Bay du Nord oil project. Students held signs calling on the federal Cabinet and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reject the project wondering if the cabinet was taking them for fools on this first of April by saying their government is serious on fighting climate change and yet could consider greenlighting this project.