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Bay du Nord: A threat to Atlantic marine biodiversity

Canada has approved an oil project with a 16% risk of leakage, threatening biodiversity whose protection is at the heart of COP15 which starts today in Montreal

The federal government claims to want to protect biodiversity, while on the other hand the same government approved the oil company Equinor to proceed with an offshore drilling project, Bay du Nord, knowing that it presents a 16% risk of an extremely large spill that could damage marine habitat.

Equinor Delays Investment in New Oil Project Adding to Uncertainty Around Plans in Canada

Media Statement: For Immediate Release November 10th, 2022

Equinor ASA announced today that they are postponing an investment decision on the Wisting oil field in Norway and reconsidering the project until 2026. Wisting could have become the largest single Norwegian oil asset approved by the government this decade by size of reserves.

Equinor has faced intense scrutiny from the Norwegian Environmental Authorities due to lacking environmental impact statements.

No more excuses for Equinor, as Norwegian state expects Paris-alignment

For Immediate Release: October 21, 2022

The Norwegian government now sets climate expectations for Equinor. We cannot tolerate that the same company is planning to open a new operation, Bay du Nord, which would by definition breach global climate targets. Equinor has to stop Bay du Nord.

Donkin mine jobs come at high cost

Media Release: For immediate release, September 15, 2022

“Why, after issuing Kameron Coal 152 warnings for safety violations and 119 noncompliance orders at the Donkin mine, is the NS Department of Labour saying we can now trust the company with worker safety and to protect the environment?” asks Gretchen Fitzgerald, the National Programs Director for Sierra Club Canada. “The mine self-reports its greenhouse gas  emissions and is exempt from paying for its carbon pollution, so we have no way of knowing, much less limiting, its impact on climate targets. This mine should never have been allowed to re-open given these serious issues.”

People to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Reject the tunnel

Enbridge’s plan endangers Great Lakes, isn’t necessary for Michigan

Two busloads of concerned citizens from the Great Lakes region and others from as far as Toronto and Minnesota packed a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers meeting today. All made the trip to deliver strong messages asking the Army Corps to reject Enbridge’s proposed Line 5 oil tunnel.

Environmental organizations representing millions of Canadians call on the federal government to reject new East Coast LNG export facilities due to climate-wrecking emissions and risks of stranded assets

For Immediate Release: Thursday, August 4, 2022

Ahead of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to Canada to discuss a potential  LNG deal, environmental organizations representing millions of Canadians are launching an initiative called StoptheGas to call on the federal government to reject proposals for new East Coast gas export facilities due to climate impacts and economic risks. 

BP Go Home: BP Investment in Equinor’s Bay du Nord oil project - Media Statement

For Immediate Release: June 13, 2022

BP was found to be reckless and responsible for the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The 2010 spill resulted in the deaths of 11 oil workers and 30 million gallons of oil from the BP spill remain in the Gulf — the equivalent of nearly three Exxon Valdez spills. Oil from the spill continues to coat the ocean floor, and the disaster continues to affect fish and wildlife in the area over a decade later.