Sierra Club Canada Foundation operates programs that reflect the ongoing concerns and priorities of our members and supporters.

Urgent Action - 5 Days to Save A Forest - Nova Scotia

On September 30th, the license to harvest forests at the Walls Brook site in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia will expire.

Last July we, along with experienced bird watchers, Ecology Action Centre and the People for Ecological Forestry in Southwest Nova Scotia alerted the Nova Scotia Minister of Lands and Forestry, the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and the Canadian Wildlife Service that we had seen breeding migratory birds on the site.

TAKE ACTION -- While Brazil Burns, Canada Fiddles With Brazil-Canada Trade Agreement.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation stands firmly with indigenous communities and the people of Brazil and neighbouring Amazonian nations.

At a time when any Canadian government should be leading by example to prevent irreversible climate catastrophe, Canada is negotiating the Canada-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement with Brazil.

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is encouraging lawlessness, illegal deforestation, and with reckless rhetoric and gutting of environmental protections, he is pushing this singular place on earth closer to the brink.

This Bill Cannot Stand. Rescue The New Impact Assessment Act Before It's Too Late.

In spite of what has been referred to as a "flood" of evidence from fishing organizations, indigenous leaders, and environmental groups, the Senate has voted down an amendment to fix the new Impact Assessment Act, Bill C-69.

The amendment proposed by Senator Cordy in response to overwhelming criticism of the Bill from Atlantic Canadians, would have prevented offshore boards from chairing assessment panels that will determine where, when, and if oil drilling will go ahead in Canada's Atlantic waters.

Join Ethan Hawke - Help Save Right Whales and Save Our Gulf!

The sound of whales singing is magical – but it is being drowned out by seismic blasting in the search for oil and gas. This can be devastating because whales use sound the way we use sight. Drowning out their sound is like blinding humans with light.

With only an estimated 411 right whales left, this is an environmental emergency.

That's why we are so pleased to have Ethan Hawke add his voice for whales and the precious Gulf of St. Lawrence.