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McKenna Committs To Tougher Climate Targets - Let's Keep Them To Their Word - COP24

Your message is getting through!

After this fall's devastating IPPC report, which showed that unprecedented climate action is needed for a liveable planet, you called on the federal government to up its game on climate change.

Today, on her way to UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna committed to tougher climate targets for Canada as part of Canada's Paris Agreement pledge, which comes into effect in 2020.

Oil Spill off Newfoundland Needs Arms-length Investigation

Four days after the largest oil spill in Newfoundland's offshore oil industry, there is still no way for regulators or industry to contain the spill. It took three days for it to be safe to launch an undersea device to estimate its impacts. We need to do better. 

The spill occurred one day after record-breaking waves shook the coast of Newfoundland. Despite the high seas, Husky Energy attempted to start-up drilling, even though waves measured seven metres high or 22 feet.

Take Action Today - Demand Rapid Phase Out Of Harmful Pesticides

Sierra Club Canada Foundation welcomed Health Canada’s ban of two dangerous neonicotinoid pesticides, announced in August 2018, but we seek a process that allows for a more rapid phase-out than the proposed three to five-year timeline.

After years of research and policy discussion, Health Canada is still allowing use of these pesticides outdoors for another 3 to 5 years. Meanwhile, bee species are in rapid decline.

Charities Law - Take Action!

freedom of speechLast month the government announced, to our disappointment, that it would be appealing the Superior Court of Justice’s decision in Canada Without Poverty v Canada. This decision had declared the restrictions on non-partisan political activities of charities to be a violation of free expression contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We Need To Get Off Plastics!

As you may know, the federal government has asked for your opinion on how to deal with our mammoth plastic waste problem. We need to see a commitment to real action and leadership if we are serious about tackling the #ProblemWithPlastics. Earlier this year, as part of a national coalition of groups, Sierra Club Canada Foundation called for Canada to get to zero plastic waste by 2025.