Sierra Club Canada Foundation operates programs that reflect the ongoing concerns and priorities of our members and supporters.

Save The Gulf of St. Lawrence

Take Action Now to Protect Blue Whales and The Gulf of St. Lawrence!

It’s like a bad dream that you can’t wake up from. The company that has wanted to drill in the Gulf of St. Lawrence for nine years, the same Blue whale calf and mothercompany responsible for seismic testing while the endangered blue whale was migrating, wants a new license.

The Upcycling Contest

Enter your amazing plastic pollution reducing ideas for a chance to win!

Contest closes July 31st 2020.

Why not get others to share how they are reducing plastic pollution by using the social media sharing links above, or use this link to the Upcycling Challenge entry page?

Take the Plastic Free July Challenge

July 2020

We all know how big a problem plastic pollution is – and it has not gone away while we’ve been trying to stop the spread of  COVID-19.

Which is why we invite you to join the Plastic Free July Challenge, a series of activities and actions being organized by the Sierra Club Ontario and the Great Lakes Forums’ Plastic Pollution Team.

Reducing plastic pollution will generate savings for businesses, towns, and governments, and generate tens of thousands of new jobs in Canada - a great way to build back better after COVID.

Protect Our Coast - Add Your Image and Tell The World Why You Want Our Coasts Protected

Tell us why you love our oceans, and why you want the offshore protected.

Join notable Canadians, and add you voice to the campaign to protect our fragile marine environments.

Upload an image and your own personal thoughts about why our oceans and our coastlines need protection. Endangered whales, the smallest marine life in the food chain, and the special people and communities who rely on and make their livelihoods from healthy oceans are needing your support.

Please share your love for our oceans and coastlines, below. We’d love to add your voice to this campaign.

Ontario - Auditor Requested to Investigate Local Planning Appeals Tribunal

With the oncoming spring, the fragile landscape of Thundering Waters is now ringing with the joyous songs of chorus frogs and spring peepers. Less happily, however, the melting snow is exposing the extent of the damage wreaked upon fifty acres of this threatened five hundred acre system. The damage is being investigated and prosecuted by Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA).