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  1. Critics score against extreme corporate rights in TTIP, but must not be fooled by the Commission’s tricks

    ... will be an instrument for corporations to achieve what they could not attain in an open political process, from opening the floodgates for ...

    2014-01-26 14:30

  2. Fact-checking Froman: The Top 10 Myths Used by Obama’s Top Trade Official (re U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman)

    ... in Fast Track.  For example, Froman stated that Fast Track could be used to require particular labor standards.  But while the 1988 Fast ...

    2014-02-20 23:02

  3. The case against urban sprawl in Midhurst, Simcoe County

    ... for daring bear and moose to enter Minesing. This corridor could expand if it was properly protected from sprawl. The landscape is now an ...

    2017-06-23 13:10

  4. Canadian Journalist Recalls His UN Climate Talks Experience

    ... involved. A treaty will not solve the climate crisis but it could help.    Photo: Derek (left) interviewing Stephen (right) in ...

    2014-11-26 10:46

  5. Save David Dunlap Forest

    ... so severe that for three days the people in Toledo, Ohio, could not drink their tap water. The massive clearance of forests in ...

    2014-08-21 13:22

  6. Part V: The Importance of Protecting Ontario’s At-Risk Species

    ... - so picking up that receipt or straw you accidently dropped could help save a life. 4.      Support environmental ...

    2017-11-28 15:23

  7. Multiple Countries Reject Investor-State (2013 Update)

    ... the Gillard government's rejection of Investor-State policy could be a model for the world and for Canada. Origin of this blog: ...

    2014-01-24 23:32