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  1. TTIP ‘challenged’ by environmental critics, EU says

    risk being blown off course by civil society fears about the damage it could wreak on environmental and ... areas which could be badly affected by the regulatory harmonisation needed for a TTIP deal: GMO’s, ... covering these areas “could hamper the EU and member states in efforts to establish regulations seeking to ...

    2014-03-07 21:43

  2. What does the biggest free trade deal in history mean for the environment?

    “The size of our combined economies and the scale of the potential deal mean that [TTIP] could set ... Member States would effectively handover sovereignty to multinationals as fines could be equal to ... TTIP contains broadly worded investment protection clauses, ISDR could hamper the EU and Member States ...

    2014-03-14 08:56

  3. Information on New Brunswick Rules on Fracking

    security for not plugging a well properly or abandoning it- but the damage could be more than this- also, ... can claim that to release to the public the chemicals they use, they could give their competitive edge ... government to regulate industry, which we hear recently could occur as soon as 2016.  The operator itself is ...

    2013-04-03 10:22

  4. A Day on Ward's Island with Dan McDermott and Friends

    Another said, "Dan made us better than we thought we could be." Although cynical, even ... is at heart an optimist:- otherwise how could he have fought so hard for so long, and inspired others ... the shoulders, looked him in the eyes and said " Yes, Dan, you could have done that. But then you ...

    2016-10-05 17:45

  5. We must close the Chicago waterways connections to keep Asian carp from taking over our Great Lakes and beyond before it is too late!

    carp could invade all of the rivers and lakes up to James Bay and west to Alberta. Silver carp are so ... meeting are even close to locations Canadians could attend. But these are shared waters and we Canadians ...

    2014-01-17 15:04

  6. You need to read this piece by Joel Ballard from The National Observer

    their Canadian summer waters. It is a decision that could be a final nail in their coffin. If a blow-out of these wells occurs, is could decimate fisheries and fishing communities. "Dr. Robert Bea, ...

    2018-05-09 19:10

  7. An organic gift for you!

    same time period. What could I say but- happy to pass it along! Your coupon is below. To cash it, just ...

    2014-10-06 15:19

  8. Backgrounder: Mackenzie Valley Recommendations

    recommendations on December 30, 2009. The Panel report concludes that the MGP could be sustainable if all 176 of ... skeptical that the Mackenzie Gas Project could be environmentally, socially, economically or culturally ... permafrost melt) could be serious also strongly influenced the Panel’s report. Recommendations As a result, ...

    2010-04-13 11:18

  9. Toledo's toxic faucets

    anywhere else they could get their hands on that liquid gold…including neighbouring states! Why not just ...

    2014-08-22 11:21


    Chapter): How could “Feed In Tariff” legislation boost renewable energy generation in Newfoundland and ...

    2012-05-11 13:32