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  1. Contact Premier Wynne to voice your support for a fully protected and growing Greenbelt

    a proposed process that could do just that and subject the Greenbelt to being turned into a Swiss cheese ...

    2016-10-07 09:43

  2. Comments on Bill 5- Importation of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Prohibition Act

    could contain unknown list of hundreds of chemicals and elements of unknown types and quantities, Heidi ... more jobs for our economy that fossil fuels: for every $1 million invested, we could see 2 jobs in the ... gas could be creating 18,000 more jobs.   ·        Natural gas extracted through fracking is not ...

    2014-03-13 11:08

  3. In Memoriam- Beautiful Dreamer, Rudy Haase

    could be swept up in the draft for the Vietnam war, Rudy and Mickie, moved to Nova Scotia in 1967. ... and Mickie had founded, she was very disappointed as she knew her family could not afford to attend. ... where we could see the swaths of forest he had protected from the clear-cuts that scar vast stretches of ...

    2018-06-25 14:44

  4. No one will notice…‘til she blows

    could risk billions. For details click here. You may recall the biggest oil spill in history occurred in ... the leaking oil well could be capped). At the time, I wrote to the NEB encouraging it to make relief ...

    2014-08-11 16:15

  5. Talking About Climate Change: We Want Stories!

    Marshall’s book and my experience that could help you with your stories. I won’t kid you: the first three are ... and needs to end. Come to terms. What comes next could be better. Avoid high personal emissions such ...

    2015-03-20 13:06

  6. A Brief History of Oil Spills (And Our Uncertain Future)

    optimistic outlook. The majority of the accidents were not due to problems with technology and could not have ... for example, could devastate maritime fisheries, bring businesses to a halt, and ruin families for ...

    2010-06-14 14:22

  7. Investor-State: Infinito Gold files lawsuit against Costa Rican government over canceled gold mining contract

    could not give more details about the case. In a statement, she said the company hoped to reach ... Colombia traveling with President Laura Chinchilla on Monday and could not be reached for comment. Opposed ...

    2014-02-12 09:23

  8. Mississauga moves to protect lands around Credit River

    Urban River Valley (URV).  This could mean more than 800 acres along the Credit River, would be ... city could be the first to join the Greenbelt under Ontario’s new Urban River Valley designation, ...

    2015-12-17 08:48

  9. Can’t We Just Say No?

    Eaton, warned the Panel assessing the quarry that investor-state provisions in NAFTA could threaten ... could be used to overturn the result of an environmental assessment is “frightening.” We really had no ...

    2016-08-03 14:46

  10. Urban Forest Questions for HRM Candidates- District 5 Candidate Kate Watson

    a beautiful little copse of trees by my suburban home when I was growing up. It was a place I could go where I could imagine and play. 3.         Why are trees important in HRM and your district in particular? ...

    2016-10-05 21:36