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  1. Beyond Boom and Bust: Listening to the Atlantic on World Oceans Day

    and the sustainable industries of tourism and fishing that still thrive there. I wish I could say on Oceans Day that healthy oceans could provide for those moving away from the oil fields, not to mention ... not the case. But it could be with smart planning and innovation in how we fish and steward our oceans ...

    2016-06-08 16:37

  2. Crombie’s Report To Ontario Government Clashes With Niagara Escarpment Commission Efforts to Control Quarries

    he reviewed. What is most disturbing is that his suggestions about creating new habitats could permit ...

    2016-06-22 18:59

  3. Can’t We Just Say No?

    Eaton, warned the Panel assessing the quarry that investor-state provisions in NAFTA could threaten ... could be used to overturn the result of an environmental assessment is “frightening.” We really had no ...

    2016-08-03 14:46

  4. Is Big Oil Finally Getting the Message?

    could leave some of their bitumen in the ground if it proves too expensive to extract or results in ... a huge hit perhaps triggering a recession. If they could just admit that some of that oil will remain in the ground then they could start a gradual write-down of assets and avoid a sudden shock. This may be ...

    2016-08-18 14:01

  5. The Ontario Greenbelt is a great success, but is its future secure?

    could build five more Mississaugas, or 11 more  Oakvilles, without bumping into the Greenbelt.”  She ...

    2016-08-19 14:52

  6. Technoparc: a unique wetland area home to over 80 nesting species of birds faces an uncertain future

    attracting so many different species of birds in such numbers.  One could call it a bird paradise. But there ... changes that may result could attract species such as Canada Geese, a potential problem as the area is so ... especially since there is a good deal of available land in the vicinity which could serve as an alternative? ...

    2016-09-17 18:27

  7. Urban Forest Questions for HRM Candidates- Mayoral Candidate Mike Savage

    also because from the tree I could scramble over the backyard fence. As an adult I visited that house ...

    2016-10-05 14:47

  8. A Day on Ward's Island with Dan McDermott and Friends

    Another said, "Dan made us better than we thought we could be." Although cynical, even ... is at heart an optimist:- otherwise how could he have fought so hard for so long, and inspired others ... the shoulders, looked him in the eyes and said " Yes, Dan, you could have done that. But then you ...

    2016-10-05 17:45

  9. Urban Forest Questions for HRM Candidates- District 1 Candidate Colin Castle

    with the family and building a little lean-to type cabin if you could even call it a cabin. As a child ...

    2016-10-05 21:32

  10. Urban Forest Questions for HRM Candidates- District 4 Candidate Lorelei Nicoll

    as possible.  The harshest element on asphalt/concrete is the sun.  Shade could prolong ...

    2016-10-05 21:34