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  1. Campaign Update + A Big Blue Whale Thank You

    could have led to fracking from land to under the ocean- another serious threat to the Gulf. Could it be ...

    2017-03-23 20:22

  2. On the Eve of Trump's Inauguration

    could see the tip of that iceberg that has resulted in the election of Donald Trump. Admittedly, ...

    2017-03-30 06:33

  3. Paris- Exit Trump. Enter the Rest of the World.

    storage and renewables gets cheaper. Trump could do one of two things today. Stay in the Paris Accord but play an obstructionist role to progress at global talks. Or the US could leave the agreement, and let ... I am tempted to hope it’s the latter, since obstruction from a voice as powerful as the US could drag ...

    2017-06-01 19:17

  4. Bringing Ecological Knowledge to our Transportation Infrastructure

    practice of road ecology; and to learn what I could from the world’s leaders in this field so I can work to ... difficult slog to prove the necessity of this kind of infrastructure, and you could have heard a pin drop in ... opportunity to be there and learn all that I could. I will do what I can to spur the kind of energy, knowledge ...

    2017-06-19 10:59

  5. Watch for Wildlife- Letters from you

    dead. Everyone was slamming on their brakes but no one could move enough get out to help them without ... with underpasses, or we could have tunnels in the barriers now so they can maybe make it across the ...

    2017-09-22 16:44

  6. Dan McDermott: Great Hiker and Defender of Ontario’s Rural Landscapes

    a hernia problem remedied so he could hike again in Ontario’s countryside. This passion helped me in my own ... the Bruce Trail, he could tell the  article was inadequate to describe the wonders of the at risk ...

    2017-01-20 14:46

  7. Guest Post: Radioactive Waste... Rolling Through Your Town?

    the United States radioactive materials that could be used for weapons. The suit argues that wastes ... along the route in two countries.” Critics argue that the wastes could be “downblended” at Chalk River ... the Atlantic (New York State) chapter of the Sierra Club are named as individuals who could be harmed ...

    2017-03-07 11:05

  8. Guest Post: Canada gets to dump its nuclear waste in South Carolina

    that, if approved by the Senate, would require a risk assessment before the DOE could transport highly ...

    2017-03-07 11:03

  9. The Ontario Greenbelt is a great success, but is its future secure?

    Horseshoe.  We could build five more Mississaugas, or 11 more Oakvilles, without bumping into the Greenbelt.”  ...

    2017-02-21 15:37

  10. ACTION ALERT: Oppose Proposed Reductions in Protected Area of Ontario’s Greenbelt

    Yvonne Ho's blog The following article was written by Dr. John Bacher, Greenbelt advocate and a member of Sierra Club Ontario. Through a threefold series of announcements a process has been set in motion which could result in substantial reductions to the protected area of the Ontario Greenbelt. Lands ...

    2017-02-25 00:17