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  1. Paris- Exit Trump. Enter the Rest of the World.

    storage and renewables gets cheaper. Trump could do one of two things today. Stay in the Paris Accord but play an obstructionist role to progress at global talks. Or the US could leave the agreement, and let ... I am tempted to hope it’s the latter, since obstruction from a voice as powerful as the US could drag ...

    2017-06-01 19:17

  2. Ford and the Future of Carbon Pricing in Ontario: Part I

    federally-mandated backstop? Or, could carbon pricing damage Ontario’s economy more than it would improve the ... may seem like an environmental loss for the province, the reality exists that this could come to pass, ... to Ontario and how these could affect the future of our province. This is the first entry of a blog ...

    2018-07-06 16:33

  3. Right whales on their way and seismic blasting awaits them.

    was left- in favour of oil and gas companies- for what could have been the most heroic announcement of ... endangered right whales, but also their food sources. Right whales are on the brink. Seismic testing could be ... could any oil and gas activity be granted by your government, in complete contradiction to the measures ...

    2018-08-10 10:17

  4. Philip Morris, Australia and the fate of Europe’s trade talks

    sees no need for an additional legal mechanism to deal with disputes that could be resolved through ... convinced that TTIP could work without having an ISDS attached to it. “You could have an investment [deal] based on smart regulation between the two sides, which businesses could implement themselves to reduce ...

    2014-01-17 15:01

  5. Carbon Briefing: Who killed the EU's transport fuel standards?

    the directive could count as a restraint of trade, punishable by world trade rules and a potential ... America could fail sounded the alarm in the commission during talks over the package of measures that are ... Karel de Gucht, on any issues that may prove crucial to getting the deal through. It could be the FQD ...

    2014-02-07 08:55

  6. Submission to Centre Plan from Sierra Club Canada Foundation – Atlantic Chapter

    increase in population projected for HRM. The 2013 Stantec Report indicates 35,000 housing units could be ... population projected for HRM. The 2013 Stantec Report indicates 35,000 housing units could be constructed ... the global environment. We need a global debate on these issues. Could human settlements exist and ...

    2016-06-07 10:25

  7. Transcript of ECOPEI submission to SCEENR

    I think a meeting like this could have been held at least partly by videoconferencing, and bringing people ... building, as nice as it is, and all our workplaces and homes for that matter, could be cooler and still be ... contribution could be so much greater if we give them that chance. === The third issue is to raise the question ...

    2015-04-17 11:59

  8. EU-Canada free trade deal ‘opens door to environmental lawsuits’

    signing. Potentially, these could include events such as oil spills or environmental disasters caused by ... possible FET violations – says that a breach could also arise from any measure “contrary to the fair and ... national regulators could claim that arbitration tribunals had greater competence over policy-making than ...

    2014-02-11 20:44

  9. Corrupt “Secret” Global Trade and Investor Agreements: EU Facilitating Corporate Plunder (re ‘Profiting from Crisis' Report)

    could lead to European taxpayers paying out millions of euros in a second major public bailout, this ... UK-based Herbert Smith Freehills, hired to represent Spain in at least two cases, for example, could earn ... US could launch investor-state attacks under the proposed transatlantic agreement. Europe’s ...

    2014-03-12 23:27

  10. Sarnia, meet Love Canal

    chemical cargo (containing powerful carcinogens). A spill, accident, or technical failure could all lead to ...

    2014-12-09 16:06