Yvonne Ho

Ontario Chapter Coordinator


Sierra Club's Top Green Tips to Celebrate #Canada150

#Canada150 long weekend is finally here! While you're celebrating our wonderful country, don't forget to keep it clean and green! We’ve put together some simple green tips to help keep your festivities as earth-friendly as possible.

canada 150

Happy Canada 150!

- from all of us here at Sierra Club Canada Foundation.

It's finally here: Greenbelt Plan 2017!

The (Greenbelt Plan's) amendments uphold the Greenbelt's most central legacy: its permanence.

The following article was written by Thaia Jones, Sierra Club Ontario's Greenbelt Campaign Chair.


Significant changes needed to tackle Lake Erie’s algal bloom problem

Lake Erie's algal blooms are hurting the lake's ecosystem, Ontario’s economy, and the health of communities that depend on it.

The following article was written by Dr. Lino Grima, former professor of Water Resources Policy and Environmental Management at the University of Toronto, Chair of Sierra Club Ontario's Great Lakes Campaign and Co-Chair of Sierra Club's Binational Great Lakes Committee.