How to protect birds? A Guide for Municipalities, 1st Edition, March 2024

Yellow bird in a tree staring at the viewer from the page how to protect birdsThis guide (en français) summarizes the latest knowledge on the protection of birds, their nests and their habitats in a context that is intended to be as practical as possible, so that the solutions it proposes resonate with day-to-day realities in the field and can be easily found in just a few pages. It covers the general ecology of birds and their various habitats, the laws and regulations that protect them, and tips for land-use planners on how to better integrate this protection into urban planning. Finally, a large section is devoted to best practices for builders and project planners, covering wildlife management, the different types of development that are conducive (or not!) to bird survival, the preventive measures applicable to each type of project or environment, and the resources to contact if intervention becomes necessary in their regard.