Sierra Youth interview Elizabeth May, Laurel Collins and Monique Pauzé

To finish off Season 2 of their podcast our Youth Chapter sent out an invitation to representatives of Canada’s major political parties to sit down for an interview with them.

The result? Interviews with Monique Pauzé, MP and Bloc Québécois environment critic, Laurel Collins, MP and NDP environment critic, and Elizabeth May, MP and former leader of the Green Party.

These conversations, linked below, are ones you don’t want to miss with personal stories about these leaders’ political journeys, insider political history you’ve never heard before, and perspectives on the future of youth in politics.

There’s a diversity of episodes in this second season, including discussions with poets, academics, and change makers.


Episode 1: As the Orca goes, so go we (meet the filmmakers of Coextinction)

The team kicks off a new series of conversations with Gloria Pancrazi and Elena Jean. They are the filmmakers behind the newly premiered documentary, Coextinction.

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Episode 2: Burnout (a group chat)

The team share their experiences with burnout and how they are trying to manage it, and invite you to share some of your stories on how you’ve been coping with burnout.

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Episode 3: A Conversation with Janelle Lapointe

An important conversation about the events taking place on the West Coast with respect to the Wet’suwet’en peoples, the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline, and the ‘national myths’ that surround perceptions of so-called ‘Canada.’

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Episode 4: Biocultural Diversity with Dr. Luisa Maffi

A discussion with linguist and anthropologist Dr. Luisa Maffi about the concept of biocultural diversity and Terralingua – an international non-profit dedicated to sustaining the diversity of life in nature and culture.

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Episode 5: The Ugly Truth of Outdoor Recreation and Resort Development

In the Kootenay Boundary region a proposal for a ski resort has been gaining government approval despite warnings from locals on how this resort will negatively impact the wildlife living on the land.

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Episode 6: Recreating Gently on the Land with Myia Antone

A discussion on how colonialism and climate change have affected the spaces that have been stewarded by Myia’s ancestors since time out of mind. They also explore the role of language and culture in revitalising these lands, and how non-Indigenous folks can help share the load of radical change.

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Episode 7: Celebrating National Poetry Month

A special episode including performances of three poems from CBC poetry award finalist Selina Boan as well as discussions on language, education and decolonization, and so much more.

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Episode 8: Elizabeth May

MP Elizabeth May, Canadian politician, environmental activist, lawyer, author and former leader of the Green Party of Canada, joins the Sierra Youth Podcast to discuss her career in politics, and the role of youth in fighting against the climate and biodiversity crisis.

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Episode 9: Laurel Collins

MP Laurel Collins, NDP Critic for Environment and Climate Change and Caucus Vice Chair and co-founder of Divest Victoria, sits down with Brynna to discuss her journey into politics, the impact environmental issues have made in NDP policies, and the necessity of opening up opportunities and roles in government to the younger generation.

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Episode 10: Monique Pauzé

MP Monique Pauzé, Bloc Quebecois vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, sits down with Aviva to discuss how she got into politics through organizing with her union and how she believes a leader should practice what they preach.

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We hope you enjoy these episodes from the Sierra Youth Podcast.

This series is thanks to the incredible work of podcast hosts Brynna Kagawa-Visentin, Micaela Yawney, Jackie Layton, Jessica Cloutier, and Emily Markholm, producer Aviva Lessard, Sierra Youth social media coordinator Abigaile Gagnon, editor Justine Van Dyke and graphic designer Xaria Levy.

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Please note: Views expressed in these podcast episodes do not necessarily reflect those of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation or our chapters or programs. Representatives of the other major Canadian political parties were also contacted and invited to appear on podcast episodes.