Youth Chapter Searches For Volunteers, Celebrates Podcast

Sierra Youth ProgramsOpportunities for Youth!

The Youth Chapter of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation is looking for dedicated, empowered, and proactive young people to volunteer and help run the activities of the chapter.

Interested youth can email us at to volunteer!

Our Sierra Youth chapter just finished producing the second season of their groundbreaking podcast, which included interviews with political leaders and MPs Laurel Collins (NDP), Elizabeth May (Green Party), and Monique Pauzé (Bloc Québécois) about the future of youth in environmental politics.

There are a lot of other great episodes in the second season of the Sierra Youth Podcast.

Listen here for a special episode including performances of three poems from CBC poetry award finalist Selina Boan as well as discussions on language, education and decolonization, and so much more.

The filmmakers behind the newly premiered documentary, Coextinction, joined the podcast to discuss orcas, specifically the Southern Resident killer whales, who are most often found swimming in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Sierra Youth talked with the filmmakers about why this species is so incredible, the importance of listening to Indigenous knowledge holders, and what needs to be done to achieve co-existence.

Another episode features a discussion with linguist and anthropologist Dr. Luisa Maffi about the concept of biocultural diversity and Terralingua – an international non-profit dedicated to sustaining the diversity of life in nature and culture.

The second season ends on a bittersweet note. The Sierra Youth team who are moving on from their time with the chapter come together for one final group chat as a verbal love letter to this project, each other, and you – their listeners. There is plenty of laughter, a few tears, and a whole lot of gratitude as they reminisce on their favourite moments from the past two years.

Find the complete second season here, stay tuned, and reach out to volunteer! There’s much more to come from the next generation of Sierra Youth!

Please note: Views expressed in these podcast episodes do not necessarily reflect those of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation or our chapters or programs. Representatives of the other major Canadian political parties were also contacted and invited to appear on podcast episodes.

This article is part of our Fall 2022 newsletter, The Activist. You can find the full newsletter here.