100% is possible! Get your costume ready!

Get your costume ready! In two weeks, Global Climate Marches and mobilisations will be taking place in Canada and around the world.Every day, marches are being announced in new locations on the 29th of November, to demand immediate and effective action on climate change leading up to the COP 21 Climate Change Summit in Paris. We need you to join us!In Canada, thousands have already pledged to march in Ottawa and other cities across the country.Find an event near you at: http://globalclimatemarch.org/en/ Canada is at a crossroads. We can solve climate change in our lifetimes. The solutions to the climate crisis create jobs, respect indigenous rights and stop tar sands expansion. We can have a just, inclusive, low-carbon future for everyone.A 100% clean, renewable economy by 2050 is not only possible but necessary. It’s a vision for a healthy, diverse economy that leads to a safer and more sustainable future.We have a historic opportunity to be heard by our new government in their first month in power, on the eve of their first international meeting in Paris.Our message will not only be heard by the new government but SEEN as well!The transition to a 100% renewables future is not only necessary; it’s 100% possible.On November 29, we will fill the streets with a kaleidoscope of climate solutions and – of course – the colour GREEN! Dress up as your favourite renewable energy solution, build a big papier-mâché windmill, or wear green from head to toe as a symbol of your commitment to 100% clean energy.To get thousands in the streets on November 29, we need to talk to the people around us, get them involved, and – together – send a strong and united message. If you tell ten people, and they each tell five others who tell five others, the message will have reached 250 people. That’s grassroots organizing, and it’s how we beat oil companies and their limitless PR budgets.RSVP, share, and invite your friends!The climate movement is growing. Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Latin America. And we must keep moving.In Lebanon, communities will march on November 29th for the future of their children, for 24/24 affordable electricity, for clean water, for a solution to the solid waste crisis, and for a secure job creation strategy. In Uganda thousands will greet the Pope and raise a call to world leaders for climate justice, building on the call the Pope made himself in his recent encyclical. The Pope will also meet with youth at a special rally to hear their messages. In Sao Paulo people will gather close to Paulista Avenue (the main avenue in the financial center), and will demonstrate how people hold the solutions to tackle climate change.Register here to march with Sierra Club Canada Foundation on November 29th!Please donate to Sierra Club of Canada Foundation to support our work on climate change, decarbonization, and clean energy. We can’t do it without you!Sincerely, Diane Beckett Interim Executive Director dianeb@sierraclub.ca(link sends e-mail) • (613)241-4611