100% Is Possible: Join the World to Rally for Global Climate Agreement

100% Is Possible: Join the World to Rally for Global Climate AgreementIt’s less than a month away.On November 29, you will have a chance to make climate change history.The United Nations climate summit opens in Paris November 30. The day before, communities across Canada and around the world are rallying for climate action.But not just any climate action.100% Is PossibleNow is not the time for weak targets. It’ll take visionary thinking, strong commitments, and hard work to cut the carbon pollution that causes climate change, quickly and deeply  enough to keep average global warming below a 2ºC threshold.The science is clear. We can solve climate change in our lifetimes by decarbonizing our economies, and getting it done fast.The economics are clear. The transition to 100% clean, renewable energy won’t cost us prosperity or jobs.On the contrary—one recent report showed that national carbon commitments leading up to the Paris summit will unlock $90 trillion in economic opportunity around the world.  That’s trillion.Canada to the World: ‘We’re Back’For the last decade, Canada has sat on the sidelines of the clean energy revolution. It’s time our new government made climate action a top priority, and for the rest of us to show  them what real climate leadership looks like. Nothing short of a 100% clean economy by 2050 will solve the climate crisis. So that must be our goal.Our message is resonating: thousands of people have already RSVP’d for 100% Possible. Dozens of buses are being organized. And our coalition is growing, with new partners  joining each week from faith communities, businesses, government unions, student groups, and others.100% Possible is part of the Global Climate March, with hundreds of marches large and small in cities across Canada and around the world. If getting to Ottawa isn’t realistic for  you, check out the global action map to find an event near you. Or start your own!Register now and join the action.Getting Organized in OttawaThe website for 100% Possible: Marching for Climate Solutions and Justice—with a month of organizing still to go—already lists a dozen communities where you can hop on a  bus to get to Ottawa.If your community isn’t listed, there’s still time to become a bus captain and organize transportation for you and your friends, neighbours, and family.If you’re already local, or travelling on your own, activities get under at 1 PM November 29 at Marion Dewar Plaza, 110 Laurier Ave. W., just outside Ottawa City Hall.100% is NecessaryThere couldn’t be a more important time to rally for climate action.The United Nations summit is on track to seal a global deal to begin reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. But it’s essential that countries reach t  the right deal, with a decarbonization agenda that: Recognizes that 100% is possible. Recognizes that the world has the technology, the knowledge, and the urgent need to completely eliminate all fossil fuel      production by 2050.Renewable energy and energy storage costs are at record lows.Fossil fuel divestment has grown 50-fold in one year to become a $2.6-trillion global movement, with high-powered support from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, Prince  Charles, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, …and, most important, you.In his first news conference after being sworn in as Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau identified climate change as a key issue where Canada is prepared to lead, and he has now  appointed the minister responsible for Environment Canada, Ottawa lawyer Catherine McKenna, as Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.(Watch our blog next week for in-depth analysis of the new federal Cabinet.)Register now and join the action.YOU Can Make a Difference. Sign Up Today!The decisions our elected leaders make over the next three months—in Paris in December, and in Canada through early spring—will shape the future of humanity.For the first time in memory, there is hope for a global climate deal that actually does what we need it to do.That’s why we need you to add your voice to the demand for Ottawa to recognize that 100% decarbonization is possible by 2050.Visit the 100% Possible site now. Sign up for the march. And please consider a donation to Sierra Club of Canada Foundation to support our work on climate change,  decarbonization, and clean energy.Sincerely, Diane BeckettExecutive Directordianeb@sierraclub.ca • (613)241-4611One Earth • One ChanceLike us on Facebook. Find us on Twitter @sierraclubcan.SCCF’s success depends on the support of like-minded individuals and organizations. Donate today