A Tall Grass Safari in Downtown Charlottetown

Tuesday, August 12 was my fourth visit to the Campus Kids Daycare centre. I had a very special treat planned that day and I had gotten up quite early to make sure everything was organized.Before we set off for the day's activities I showed everyone a large assortment of insects and arachnids in cases and frames. These were from my personal collection but they suited the activity so well I couldn't miss an opportunity to share them with everyone. Among the creepy crawlers were an assortment of butterflies and beetles, including a rhinosaurous beetle as big as their hands. There was also a leaf bug, a millipede, a scorpion, and a tarantula. The children were both fascinated by the bugs and would have gladly stayed there all day looking at them.Soon though the bugs were packed up and we were on our way face to the tall grass. The children talked excitedly about the ten butterfly nets I carried over my should as we walked. Once we arrived at the grass I demonstrated how we were going to use the nets, sweeping them along quickly and checking for bugs after. Sweeping our nets through the grass, we found lots of grasshoppers and moths, and a few beetles. One child caught a caterpillar and got me to help him put it back. He wanted me to find the perfect spot to it'd be safe. Just before we headed back one of the instructors caught a large golden orb spider that I was big even I did a double take. The children concluded that it must be a baby tarantula because it was so big. We don't have tartantulas on PEI, but is was pretty cool to see what amazing critters are right here, if you go on a tall grass safari! Wild Child Coordinator,Ashley Greening