Picture from an action against Line 5 in Montréal, Canada

Protect the Lakes From a Devastating Oil Spill and Support Anishinabe Nations

Tell the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers No permits for Line 5

Enbridge has been trespassing on Anishinabe territories in the Bad River Band reservation, with their Line 5 oil pipeline, for 11 years. There was a devastating oil spill in July 2010 into the Kalamazoo river, and their lease expired in 2013. In a time where we need to be decommissioning pipelines and investing into renewables, Enbridge’s proposal is to construct a new, longer route that skirts the reservation’s boundaries, which would commit us to fossil fuels into the future. In May, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released a draft of the Environmental Assessment of Line 5 project and announced the public comment period. This is the time to stand up against the expansion of the pipeline and tell the Army Corps, as well as the U.S. government, how you feel about the pipeline expansion!

Picture from an action against Line 5 in Montréal, CanadaThis project, if implemented, is not only a clear case of environmental racism and violation of the Indigenous Peoples’ rights, but also poses a risk of an irreversible environmental harm to the unique ecosystem and invaluable watersheds, disturbs the communities around the Great Lakes Region, and jeopardizes access to freshwater for more than 48 million people.

Join us in submitting a comment before August 4th.