Save the Emissions Cap. Image of a wildfire in red.

Canada’s worst polluting sector must do its fair share

In November 2021, Prime Minister Trudeau proudly announced his government would develop a new federal policy to cap the oil sector’s emissions, on the world stage at the 26th global climate Conference of Parties.  [1] Two years later, the emissions cap for oil & gas is unreleased. Heavy lobbying by Canada’s biggest oil sands companies has delayed the policy and attempted to majorly weaken the target, despite poll after poll showing a huge majority of Canadians support a fair and strong cap on oil emissions. [2-4]

Now, inside sources are saying Ministers could bow to oil sector pressure and announce an emissions cap before this year’s global climate conference that’s less than the national climate target and even less than what was projected for the sector without regulation. A decision on the emissions cap needs to go through all 38 Cabinet Ministers before approval. Send a message to all 38 Ministers now and drive home the message that the desires of a few loud profit hungry CEOs shouldn’t trump the wishes and wellbeing of Canadians.

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