Haines Pass, the Yukon

Conserving the Last Canadian Home of the Mammoth

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Conor Curtis

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A bird watching Sierra Club Canada's All Hands on Deck WebinarsThe Sierra Club Canada Foundation partnered with the Yukon Conservation Society(link is external) (YCS) to bring you a special joint All Hands on Deck Webinar about conservation in the Yukon! The Yukon South Beringia – Priority Place spans 89,000 square kilometers between the Ogilvie Mountains to the north and Dezadeash Lake and Carcross to the south. Because it was never (or only partially) glaciated during the ice ages, it is home to some of the oldest landscapes in Canada and contains a variety of unique and endemic species, some of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

Sebastian Jones, Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Analyst with the Yukon Conservation Society joined us to talk about the Yukon South Beringia Priority Place Initiative(link is external) that aims to respect and uphold our sacred relationship with the natural world that maintains Yukon South Beringia’s unique bio-cultural diversity. The Yukon South Beringia is home to 27 species at risk, 11 of whom are Beringian species. Some of Canada’s richest native biodiversity exists here. The Yukon is one of the least explored areas in North America for many species groups and many of these species once shared the land with the mammoths while some are likely much older.