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Green Finance – an All Hands On Deck webinar

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Lauren Scott

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This webinar explores trends in green finance, green giving, and how by making financial contributions you can help shift some of the world’s biggest problems – while getting a tax receipt!

The financial sector plays an important role in the fight against climate change by supporting some sectors and not others.

About the speakers:

Nick Bakish

Nick Bakish, a leading Montreal-based commercial real estate activist, impact investor and ESG proponent. Nick is a CFA by training, and founding partner at Group RMC. Nick has always integrated societal values into dealings with clients and business partners, his investment strategy, and his focus on environmental, social, and governance issues.

Christopher Richards, EMP

Chris is responsible for the management of WCPD’s flow-through investments, presenting investment opportunities to clients & their representatives. He is also a Director of WCPD Foundation, managing Board activities and all aspects of donations issued through WCPD Foundation.

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