A sculpture made of plastic waste sits in front of a blue sky. Plastic Free July 2023.

Plastic Free July 2023

We all want to live in a world where our water is clean and healthy, our beaches & neighbourhoods are free of litter, and where birds and other wildlife are safe from plastics. Goodness knows it is nice to have less trash to sort and take out to the curb each week. Nationally, Canadian throw out 4.4 million tonnes of plastic every year; that’s about the same weight as 31 blue whales.

Canadians throw out 4.4 million tonnes of plastic annually, that's equivalent to 31 blue whales. Say "No" to plastics this July and join Plastic Free July 2023 with Sierra Club Canada! Graphic depicts 31 blue whales on a green background.Plastic manufacturers and big plastic waste producers like Nestle, Tim Horton’s, Pepsi & Coke, and MacDonald’s want you to think plastic makes life better so they can cash in while the rest of us pay to deal with their waste.

By showing we won’t put up with and don’t need the ever-rising tide of plastic pollution, we’ve managed to stop over 1.3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year in Canada by pushing for bans on things like plastic bags, take-out containers, and straws. We know showing you will act and push together for rapid change in plastics works. Join with others in your Sierra Club community to break free from plastics through awareness and action!

Take the Pledge

Plastic Free July 2023 Poster. Join us and take the pledge to be plastic free this month! 31 days of refusing, reducing, and re-using! Think you can do it?