Emissions cap national targets. Photo of flooding.

Canada’s worst polluting sector must do its fair share

Our latest intel says Canada’s cap for oil & gas emissions could be set extremely low, even though oil & gas is the worst polluting sector and their emissions continue to rise. Canada’s Environment Commissioner recently named the delay in the emissions cap as one of the reasons Canada will miss yet another climate target. With the federal government in the hot seat, we need to ensure as many Cabinet Ministers hear from constituents now — demanding nothing short of a fair and strong emissions cap. It could help them decide to stand up for what’s right and encourage others to follow suit.

We’ve heard the announcement for the cap will come in less than 30 days — and we can’t waste a minute to flood Minister inboxes with our message. Your submission may take a second to send, but don’t worry! Just give it a moment, one click will do.

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