Alberta Elections

On April 16, 2019 Alberta joins the rest of the Prairie provinces with a majority conservative government.In light of a polarizing campaign putting the environment at odds with economic development, the questions begs, how do move forward together?We are pleased to see support for conservation has been demonstrated in the Capital Region for projects such as the Big Island Provincial Park, protecting wetlands and significant geological features (Learn more here). This conservation effort empowers citizens to enjoy nature, while preserving natural infrastrucutre through wetlands and ecosystem services such as flood mitigation. However, we will continue to keep the government and industry accountable. While economic development is lucrative, we must ensure that it does not compromise the integrity of the environment. We firmly believe that through innovative, creative ways, we can achieve both. In fact, they must be interdependent. If we compromise the environment for unsustainable development, it will cost Albertans in the long run.We will continue to advocate for science-based policies that do not undermine our right to healthy and safe ecosystems.Will you join us in our efforts?