Argentina’s Environmental Protest ‘Ban’ Benefits Equinor & is a Warning for Us

The Environment in Canada Episode 22 on an environmental protest ban in Argentina and Equinor – a warning for Canada.

Just 6 months ago the prospect of environmental protests being ‘banned’ seemed ridiculous in Argentina, as did the idea that oil and gas companies would not have to pay taxes. That, effectively, is now very close to happening there and it should be a wake up call for all of us here in Canada as well.

Image of protests fading to the rise of oil and gas lobbyists from the page Argentina Equinor Protest BanImagine for a moment that provinces can no longer collect taxes on oil companies, that provinces cannot oppose oil and gas projects, and that even sharing a pamphlet about an environmental protest can be effectively illegal.

Conor talks with Juliana Orihuela about this ban and how companies like Equinor, the Norwegian majority state-owned oil company stand to benefit. Juliana Orihuela is 50 years old and in that period she did everything: friends, books, photos, radio programs, reading promotion campaigns, among other things.

Picture of Juliana Orihuela from the page Argentina Equinor Protest BanShe loves languages; Her last excursion was LSA: Argentine Sign Language. Since 2018 she has been in charge of disseminating climate science as best she can and since 2020 she has carried out an impossible task: trying to prevent oil companies from installing on the beach where she lives. She is a member of the Assembly for a Sea Free of Oil Companies of Necochea and Quequén, and part of the Network of Coastal Communities. Her work has transcended the borders of her country and she is now also a member of the #EquinorOut International Alliance.

In the Q&A at the end we answer your question on how we can get political leaders to do more while also acknowledging the progress we have made.

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