We need a strong emissions cap

The oil and gas industry is the largest emitter of climate polluting greenhouse gasses in Canada.

Climate change is here now, so help us take action!

A cork caps emissions from a smokestack. Tell your MP we need a strong emissions cap! Canada Emissions Cap Facts.

Tell your MP we need a strong emissions cap!

People across the country are paying the price of climate change with their lives, homes, and livelihoods. From West to East people’s entire worlds are literally being swept out to sea or turned to ash.

While Canada has set national goals and targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including for the oil and gas sector – these aren’t working. In fact, oil and gas sector emissions have risen more than emissions in any other sector of the economy: 88% since 1990.

You can act to stop this from getting worse. Send a message to your MP and tell them to take action now!

We need to fight to make sure the national emissions cap is a strong one – a “hard cap.”

This has wide public support and 70% of Canadians want a national emissions cap. That support is also present in oil and gas producing provinces. Two polls showed recently that a majority of people in Alberta also support the cap.

It’s time for Canada to step up as a leader on the global stage. A strong emissions cap makes it clear that Canada is taking climate change seriously, and a strong cap ensures that taxpayers don’t end up paying the price through adaptation costs, repairs, and loss.

How many communities do we need to see threatened by wildfires, floods, and hurricanes? How much money are you willing to spend on adapting to these impacts?

Because the price is already too high.


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