Discover McNabs Island with Waterfront Development

Discover McNabs like never before, with Waterfront Development and Halifax DiverseThis unique, one time event offers you the opportunity to visit McNabs Island, receive two 1-hour guided walks by expert historians and naturalists, and 3 hours of free time on the island. Sponsored by Waterfront Development and hosted by Halifax Diverse, we are as excited to explore the island as you are!Get your tickets on Eventbrite!  The Details:There are two departures to McNabs Island, a landform, which – true to its name – must be accessed by boat. We’ve chartered A&M Sea Charters from Eastern Passage for the day, and will have two departures to McNabs Island. The first will be at 9AM from Eastern Passage, and the second from Bishops Landing in Halifax at 10AM. Guests are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to depatrure to ensure prompt boarding and timely departure.Each group will be guided along two tours, each one hour in length. Our expert historians from the Friends of McNabs Island Society will teach you about human occupation of the island through time, and our expert naturalist from Dalhousie University will teach you about the features of the island, as well as its importance to the urban core as a nature refuge. After this guided experience, participants will be given three hours of free time on the island to explore the 400ha of space and kilometres of trails!There are no stores or restaurants on McNabs Island, so participants must pack a lunch. Similarly, drinking water is not available on the island, so pack at least a litre per person. It’s a great opportunity to practice your picnic packing prowess! Refreshments, including water, pop, and light snacks will be available for sale by Halifax Diverse on the island, with proceeds supporting the program.The first group to arrive will depart the island for Eastern Passage at 3PM. The second group to arrive will depart for Halifax at 4PM. You MUST return in the same group you arrived with. Due to Transport Canada passenger capacity regulations, no additional people will fit on either boat-load! The TicketsTickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. The boat has limited capacity, and we can only fit so many on board! If you are under 25, use the discount code YOUTH for 10% off, or if you are a student of any age, use the discount code STUDENT for 10% off the full ticket price. Refunds will be allowed up until 5 days before the event (Monday, Aug 18, 12:01AM). Before this time, use Eventbrite to get a refund if you desire. After this time, automatic refunds will be disabled. If you require a refund after this date, please contact the program coordinator by email ( with your request, and you may be granted a refund if the ticket waitlist has interested purchasers. If the tour you wanted to join does not have enough available seats before Monday, August 18th, keep an eye on the ticket sales page. Refunds are enabled and seats may become available. Alternatively, consider a road trip to the other side of the bridge! I’ve lived in both Halifax and Dartmouth and can attest: both are quite lovely. After the 18th, please email with your name, the tour you wish to join, the number of tickets you are looking for, and your phone number. If someone wishes to refund a ticket after this date, it will depend on the waitlist.  The SponsorWaterfront Development – At Waterfront Development, our goal is to get you as close as you can possibly get to the unforgettable beauty, captivating experiences and unparalleled opportunities where land meets sea.Waterfront Development is a provincial crown corporation developing the strategic potential of waterfronts in Bedford, Dartmouth, Halifax and Lunenburg. It’s our job to foster the creation of waterfronts that drive economic opportunity, enhance tourism, provide experiences, and reflect and protect our marine heritage.Through our projects and partnerships, we have received a number of awards and recognitions. We proudly share these with the many partners, visitors and communities we have worked with over the past three decades.