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The Sierra Club Prairie chapter in Edmonton brings together environmental organizations to provide opportunities for folks to join a community and advocate for the environment in ways that best suit their capabilities. We emphasize democratic grassroots organization and believe the best way to advocate for the environment is to nurture a relationship with nature. We take decision-makers on tours of local areas as an effective and meaningful way to value the land and build relationships.

Sierra Club Prairie in Alberta is a environmental organizations Edmonton. We act as proactive advocates for the environment in Edmonton. View of Edmonton.We recently ran a series of 1-2 hour walks through the nature areas of Edmonton (such as the River Valley or Mill Creek Ravine) sponsored by the Alberta Ecotrust. These were Indigenous led walks and conversations about the land and history, and even stories and poems were shared.

The University of Alberta, in conjunction with Sierra Club Canada’s Prairie Chapter, is also researching nature-based climate solutions for agricultural communities in Southern Alberta. The project seeks to identify nature-based solutions that can be adopted or implemented in agricultural practices which would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the sector.

Our Wild Child Edmonton kids outdoor education program brings fun environmental education and encourages staff and children to get outside, play games and age appropriate activities to learn about their environment and the other critters they share their community with.

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You can also Take Action right now for our environment in Edmonton and across Alberta and Canada.

Hundreds Protest Against Equinor's Bay du Nord in St. John's. Take action - Sierra Club Canada.

Take action

You can make a huge difference for our environment and in the lives of millions of people, globally and locally. Here are some ways you can start!

Photo from Sierra Club Canada's Wild Child outdoor education program. Wild Child kids outdoor education programs in Edmonton, NS, & PEI.

Wild Child

The mission of our Wild Child programs in Edmonton Alberta, Halifax Nova Scotia, & Prince Edward Island (PEI) is to provide child led, play based learning through repeated exposure to nature helping to foster a lasting relationship with the natural world.

Our work with other environmental organizations in Edmonton

Sierra Club Canada Foundation has been working to develop a network of community leaders protecting the integrity of Prairie ecosystems. Our dedicated volunteers focus on local issues important to their communities and act as proactive advocates for the environment.

We build and support grassroots initiatives in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. This includes the Prairie, Boreal Plains and Shield, and Taiga Plains and Shield, Southern and Northern Arctic ecozones.

Our impact

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