The Environment in Canada Podcast: New Podcast Series!

Equinor’s Rosebank, Divestment, Energy Bills, and COP28: Episode 1.


We’re happy to announce in time for COP28 that we have launched a new podcast: The Environment in Canada Podcast is a podcast about the environment in Canada. Pretty self-explanatory. Our first episode is available above, and it’s all about an oil and gas project in… the United Kingdom. Confused? Understandable.

Stine Wilhelmsen holding up a StopRosebank sign. From the page Equinor Rosebank COP28 PodcastEpisode one, Equinor’s Rosebank, Divestment, Energy Bills, and COP28 is about our friends at the StopRosebank campaign in the UK

As part of our work against Equinor’s proposed Bay du Nord project in Canada we have also been helping to coordinate an international campaign against Equinor’s oil and gas projects in Argentina, Brazil, Norway, and the UK as well. These first few episodes will feature stories from each country. In the UK activists and concerned citizens are fighting against Equinor’s Rosebank oil field, we talk to Stine Wilhelmsen (pictured) about the StopRosebank fight, the ongoing impact of fossil fuel divestment, and similarities to the fight against Bay du Nord in Canada. We also talk about politicians and ‘factual inaccuracies’ that hide the truth about climate change.

Find out more and take action to help #StopRosebank:

Host: Conor Curtis, Head of Communications, Sierra Club Canada.

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