From Our Families to Yours

We just wanted to reach out to you today to say thank you.Thank you for your commitment to making our world better, healthier and safer for all. Because it matters. Because you care.Thank you for your deep concern that our children and grandchildren will inherit this country and the world beyond our borders in good shape.Thank you for helping to move things forward when our campaigns can sometimes take years or even decades to win. From wolves to water to climate change, you have been there with us.You make it all happen. It would simply not be possible to do the challenging work without you being there, all the way. Thank you for supporting the critical work of Sierra Club Canada Foundation.Wherever you are and in whatever way you chose to celebrate, we wish you and yours a very safe and peaceful holiday. Diane BeckettInterim Executive Director If you haven’t already, you can make your year-end gift right here.