On Full Spectrum Resistance with Aric McBay

The Environment in Canada Podcast, Episode 17 on Full Spectrum Resistance with Aric McBay.

Full Spectrum Resistance Podcast photo of a Earth Day climate march in MontréalJessica Murray talks with Aric McBay about why we need to explore multiple avenues to winning in the environmental movement and use different tactics in concert with each other. They also discuss how to be more inclusive in our actions and an upcoming two day in person event in June where you can learn more on these topics and on radical imagination.

For more information on the event contact ontario@sierraclub.ca

For the Q&A this week we talk about why being reliant on oil and gas doesn’t mean you can’t oppose a continued societal reliance on them – a reply to a question from our recent event in St. John’s, NL.

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