Music, Environmentalism, et le Gala de la Terre

The Environment in Canada Podcast Episode 18 on the Orchestre de l’Agora and the Gala de la Terre

We talk with Jean-Frédéric Caron, the Executive Director of Orchestre de l’Agora, an ensemble that uses music as a tool for sustainable social change. We discuss how musicians work to promote environmental awareness and to make music more accessible to the public, the way we perceive our environment through sound, and why it’s so important we make sure younger musicians have the ability to continue their work.

Podcast on the Gala de la Terre image shows musicians in an orchestraThe Orchestre de l’Agora has organized a fundraising concert on June 12th, 2024, and they plan to donate the proceeds to environmental organizations including Sierra Club Canada. You can find out more about this Gala de la Terre concert on the concert website.

In our Q&A this week we answer your question on the role whales play in marine ecosystems.

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