When the Last Glacier Melted, the World Would Catch on Fire

Episode 11 of the Environment in Canada Podcast

Glacier Melted Catch Fire, a wildfire fire burns on the background of a melting glacierJessica Murray talks with lawyer Leslie Anne St. Amour of the RAVEN trust about the Wet’suwet’en challenge to Canada’s climate inaction, the usefulness of UNDRIP, why we urgently need to change Canadian environmental law for the better, and our right to life, liberty, and security of the person.

Given Sierra Club Canada’s ongoing work on the Rights of Nature, as part of our podcast we’re doing a miniseries on Indigenous and environmental law – all of which are crucial to making this decade a decade of positive change. Stay tuned for many more episodes on this subject to come.

In the Q&A at the end this week we answer questions on carbon pricing and how to talk to others about the misinformation around the “carbon tax” that we heard about in the wake of our last episode. Find sources related to this week’s Q&A section. Spoiler alert: No, we should not be taxing volcanoes instead…

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