Good people doing good work

No mother should ever have to consider crossing a treacherous highway with her little ones in tow. That’s exactly what Charlie Richmond and the Sierra Edmonton Group thought when they took on a project that would see a wildlife underpass built beneath a busy arterial road.Our volunteers in Edmonton manoeuvred around challenging barriers, worked with decision-makers, created a sense of urgency, and got the job done, to ensure the construction of an underpass that would provide safe passage for families large and small.Charlie and the Edmonton volunteers represent the best of grass-roots action: recognize a problem, gather smart people together, develop a plan, and move mountains to deliver something that creates a positive outcome.I would be so pleased if you took a moment now to make your year-end contribution in support of this great work.The holidays are here and I’m reflecting on how we all come together to create a better world. And I am grateful for the exceptional work from the wonderful people in the Sierra family.One of these is Rudy Haase, a long-time member of Sierra. At 93, he has dedicated his life to the environment – from protecting 100 Wild Islands Coastal Wilderness, fighting harmful clearcutting, to enshrining his own stretch of land in permanent legal protection. Rudy is an exemplary champion and a man of action. In Rudy’s hands, things just get done!Fittingly, Rudy was recently named to the Order of Nova Scotia, the province’s highest civilian order. We are humbled by his dedication and proud to call him our friend.Named the 2015 Top Environmentalist Under 25 by Starfish Canada, Graham Mayembodies passion and commitment. His list of achievements could leave you breathless – among them co-founding Youth Arctic Coalition, interning with the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, and biking across Canada to lead 22 workshops on environmental activism for more than 680 youth, while raising $7,600 for environmental initiatives.In 2013, Graham biked from Vancouver to Inuvik as part of a team of six youth, leading workshops on climate change and filming a documentary.Having served as Board Secretary, Graham said about Sierra Club Canada Foundation, “Anyone can get involved. We have citizens working with us on everything from climate change negotiations to bee populations. It’s inspiring to know that ordinary citizens can use Sierra Club as a path to the world stage.”     I’m also inspired by these folks. I’m inspired by people like you, who continue to offer support for Sierra’s important work. I’m inspired by the Canadians whose collective, persistent voices are demanding to be heard.Participating in the 100% Possible March for Climate Solutions and Justice was an empowering event for me this year. The Ottawa crowd was 25,000-strong and the excitement was unmistakable.Marching with my Sierra friends was a tremendous honour: volunteers who conducted bio-blitzes along the proposed Energy East Pipeline route, work tirelessly to protect pollinators, and defend urban greenspace, student interns who strengthen our social media campaigns, and board members who make our organization stronger with their leadership. All of these people are my heroes – each of them do good work for positive change.And change is in the air. And it’s change that has come thanks to you – and thanks to our committed volunteers across the country.We have lots of ground to cover in 2016, but only if we work together.  Only if you are with us. Please make your year-end contribution today.We’re counting on your support – today and moving ahead. Happy New Year and thanks for all you do!