I’m sleepless on the longest nights of the year

Sometimes around this time of year, sleep is hard to come by.As you know, this is when we start looking toward next year and reflecting on how we are going to be prepared to fight for the things we care about.Will we have the resources to support our court challenges to protect whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence?Will we be able to stand up to corporate lobbyists and ensure trade deals don’t disrupt our climate and environmental protections?Will new, weak rules for Bee-killing pesticides reverse the benefits of efforts to create new habitat for these threatened pollinators?Will we be able to take on newly-revealed challenges such as the dire threat of plastic pollution to our water and oceans?Will our federal leaders step up to the plate or will they dance to the tune of those with deep pockets who want to keep their grip on environmental laws meant to protect habitat, human health, and communities?Will our Chapters be able to mobilize volunteers and members to safeguard our wins for urban green spaces, green energy, and wildlife protection?On a global level, will our work to protect the Great Lakes, stop climate change (and remember, Canada has not leapt beyond the weak climate commitments of the Harper government!), and fight for environmental justice be eroded because the US President has created the political space for backsliding, even north of the border.On the longest nights of the year, there is certainly lots to toss and turn about! There are only nine days left in the year before our year-end budget deadline.Please stand with us – you’d make a huge difference by committing a manageable amount each month, or making a special one-time gift right now. We’ll all sleep a little better knowing the planet is in safer hands.From my family to yours, every good wish for a wonderful and peaceful holiday,Gretchen FitzgeraldNational Program Director