Independent News and the Environment with André Goulet of the Harbinger Media Network

The Environment in Canada Podcast, Episode 7, on Independent News

Independent Journalism Canada Podcast image showing the conflict of misinformation and reliable news. Independent News and the Environment with André Goulet of the Harbinger Media Network.The Facebook and Instagram bans on Canadian journalism have already had a big impact on the Canadian media landscape, and especially for independent journalism, but they also have ramifications for the environmental movement.

That’s especially true as misinformation, often promoted by the oil and gas industry, spreads like wildfire: Misinformation that quite literally will cause more real wildfires in the future.

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Conor talks with André about the overlap between independent media and environmentalism, the importance of community, why offline communications need more focus, and the crucial role of journalists. We also discuss the Harbinger Media Network and a new news website, Unrigged.

For the Q&A this week we read the latest edition of our biannual newsletter, The Activist, in hopes of further answering some of the general questions about our chapters and programs you have sent us over the past year before this podcast started.

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P.S. Apparently Facebook and Instagram are down today in an outage (March 5, 2024) we just learned, just another reason why organizing offline is more important than ever – something we talk about on the podcast below.

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