More Mississauga Riparian Restoration Opportunities: Oct 2014

ACER (Association for Canadian Educational Resources) has a number of programs but one very special one is their use of citizen scientists to collect climate change data. This year ACER is planting a number of sites to restore forests around Lake Ontario and is seeking volunteers to plant and help with monitoring of trees. Their Riparian Rangers program.

As a volunteer for Riparian Rangers Mississauga you will gain hands-on knowledge concerning the restoration and monitoring of riparian ecosystems. Specifically, volunteers will clean the sites so they are free from litter, identify and remove invasive species, as well as measure and monitor 10% of each tree species that has been planted in terms of growth and health.

Volunteers will be needed for two restoration sites:

1) Tuesday, October 7: at White Willow Common (near Mavis Road and Courtney Park Drive)
2) Friday, October 10: at Birchwood Park (Clarkson Road North and Lakeshore Road West)
The specific times for volunteers are still TBD, but most likely they will be needed from 10am to 3pm both days. 

Educational materials including training videos and planting protocols will be sent to all volunteers prior to planting dates. If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please email Victoria Binko at