Ontario Chapter Director Dan McDermott speaking on The Environmental Movement, Yesterday, Today and

Environmental campaign veterans Dan McDermott and John Bennett will discuss the environmental movement and their involvement dating back to the 1970s when their personal interactions with Bob Hunter and Greenpeace set them on a path of life-long activism. They will share some of their personal experiences with Bob’s mind-bombing approach to environmental activism, but often have very different perspectives that can lead to lively discussions. Mr. Bennett and Mr. McDermott were part of, or associated with, most of the environmental achievements of the last 40 years: nuclear power, whales and seals, acid rain, old-growth forests, ozone depletion, climate change, and recently the Greenbank and the decline of pollinators. They have been in the streets with placards canoed and parachuted into nuclear sites, climbed smokestacks, and disrupted an election campaign. They have also sat in boardrooms with business executives and across the table from prime ministers and premiers. Their knowledge and experience has caused them to ask: 

– Has progress been made? 

– Are those who say the environmental movement has failed correct? 

– And what’s next? What should the next generation of activists take on and how should they do it?