PEI Sierra Club to Celebrate ‘International Leap Day’ Feb 29

PEI Sierra Club invites Islanders to sign the Leap Manifesto and mark their calendars for February 29, 2016 as “International Leap Day”, a day of events to demand action on climate change.   

At the UN Paris climate negotiations in December 2015, a team that includes Naomi Klein introduced the Leap Manifesto to an international stage, calling for bold economic and political change. It calls for “a Canada based on caring for each other and the planet, moving swiftly to a post-carbon future, upholding Indigenous rights, and pursuing economic justice for all.” 

International Leap Day was announced with this explanation: “Leap years are a great metaphor because, on that day we change our human system in deference to the Earth’s revolution around the Sun. It is, after all, easier to adjust human-created laws than it is to change the laws of nature. And we think that people are ready to transform our political and economic system in a bold way.”

During the month of February PEI Sierra Club and other organizations will be promoting the Leap Manifesto and urging governments on all levels to act on climate action promises made in recent elections and at the Paris talks. Local events will be posted on Facebook and announced in the March Buzz. For more information contact Tony Reddin at