Did Renewable Energy like Wind and Solar Really Damage the Alberta Power Grid?

Listen to the Environment in Canada Podcast episode 3 below that answers the question did renewable energy like wind and solar really damage the Alberta electric power grid?


We talk with Jason Ruochen Wang, a senior analyst working on the Pembina Institute’s electricity program in Alberta and Mitchell Beer, founding publisher and managing editor of The Energy Mix, about whether renewables really harmed Alberta during recent energy grid issues.

Page Renewable Energy Grid Alberta Wind Solar, image shows wind turbines, electricity lines, and solar panels against a backdrop of Edmonton AlbertaWe discuss whether clean energy regulations would harm the electricity grid, the role renewable energy and energy efficiency can play in giving people more control over their energy. We also discuss how the media have covered this story of this week’s Alberta electric power grid issues and why more questions need to asked about statements made on environmental issues and what facts actually exist to support those claims.

Because some topics are definitely getting too often left out of news coverage like:

  • The huge roles renewable energy like solar and wind, and battery storage, played in helping to solve the freezing temperature power crisis in Alberta this week.
  • Grid flexibility and energy democracy and monetary renewable benefits to municipalities as oil and gas revenues dry up.
  • The cost reductions associated with renewables, storage, and energy efficiency for the consumer.
  • Facts on clean energy regulations and Alberta’s energy future.
  • Reporters who are breaking ground on climate coverage in smaller scale and larger scale media.
  • Stovetops… yes you read that right, stovetops…

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