Russell Lake Takes Root 2

Help us plant 2100 trees in Baker Drive Park, and celebrate Russell Lake Takes Root.Last year we hosted our first tree planting in Russell Lake West, a new community branching off of Baker Drive in Dartmouth. We planted 1200 trees with the help of over 400 members of the community both local, and further afield. We’re returning this year to continue our mission to make Baker Drive Park a greener place on Sept 20th, 10AM-2PM. We’re back this year to plant 2100 trees along the east side of the building (right side in the image below) on the corner of Basswood Run and Baker Drive. Why are we planting a strip? Because one day this park will be used by many members of the community, and a small strip of forest between the building and park means the building residents are shielded from sound and prying eyes, and park users will feel some privacy from the overlooking balconies. It’s a win-win solution!Where is Baker Drive Park, exactly? This map might help: Or if you’re not a big map fan, it’s across the street from Kent on Baker Drive in Dartmouth and encompasses the entire strip of grass from Basswood Run to the northern corner of the field along Baker Drive. It’s a pretty big park, and this event is a pretty big deal!How can you help get Baker Drive Park going? Come out this Saturday and help plant a tree! There’s plenty of other reasons to join us this weekend as well, including a free BBQ, giveaways and promotions from local businesses, a bouncy castle for the young and young at heart, and a raffle to raise funds for the Halifax Diverse program sponsored by Kent, with a $423 prize consisting of a chainsaw, leaf blower, lawn spreader, and other tools to help you get a jump on next spring’s perfect lawn this fall.You can also help us greatly by spreading the word! What’s the talk around the office water cooler? The exciting event in Russell Lake that drew a crowd of 400+ last year, and has grown even bigger this year of course! Help us spread the word on social media and find posts about this and other upcoming events on our facebook page. You can find more details about this event on the facebook event page for Russell Lake Takes Root 2.We hope to see you in Baker Drive Park this weekend! If you do come, it would be great if you brought your own shovel and gloves so we have enough to go around.