Kids in Nature, Saving Future Generations, Mr. Lumpy & Sammy the Squirrel

The Environment in Canada Podcast Episode 15 on Kids in Nature, Saving Future Generations, Mr. Lumpy & Sammy the Squirrel.

Image From Our Wild Child Program of Two Kids Watching a Lake. Contact - Sierra Club Canada. Page: Saving Kids in Nature

Image From Our Wild Child Program

We learn to value nature through our repeated exposure to it, so how can we help future generations if they don’t get to experience the natural world? Sierra Club Canada’s Wild Child programs get children outside for tens of thousands of hours every year, but what does that really mean? For answers Conor talks with Tamsyn Neale of our Wild Child PEI program about outdoor education, how we learn to care for the planet, and how climate impacts like Hurricane Fiona are already very real for these kids.

Wild Child offers kids more than just time in the natural world; it also offers them ways to directly help nature through tree planting, native seed bombs, and invasive species removal, as well as practical skills for outdoor survival like how to start a fire and dress for different weather. Wild Child PEI centres Indigenous perspectives and tries to balance talking about the things we can’t do to protect the environment with all the things we can do to enjoy and protect it.

Recently we’ve been featuring a lot of content on how to communicate on issues like climate change with adults – it turns out adults and kids are not as dissimilar in this respect as you might think. It’s also an episode that will inspire you to get out there and experience the natural world yourself.

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