Sierra Club Canada’s New Website: Our Bonsai Tree (Special Podcast)


You can also listen to the podcast on SoundCloud!

We talk about how we are treating this new website as a sustainable project rather than a one-off design. We want to see this project grow and evolve overtime as we grow, much like a bonsai tree, and we want your help with the evolution of this site. Together we discuss how the team at Sierra Club Canada came together, from across our chapters and programs, to build this website and set out a new style and logo for the organization.

Check out the website homepage and explore!

We discuss the changing nature of websites and website design, from a one off platform to a long term project, and how we worked with the website firm Mangrove to make our website more environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and accessible to people who have accessibility issues.

The podcast includes our story of making the website easier to access in rural communities and remote locations where a lot of Sierra Club Canada’s work happens. Our communications surveys, to which you contributed, helped send us down this course.

Credit to Andrew Boardman for the podcast title.

Finally a few thank you notes to those who worked on the website:

  • Mangrove web development, formally Manoverboard.
  • Alan Dixon, data and website specialist – Blackfly Solutions, who specializes in Web development, Drupal, CiviCRM, and social change.
  • Jules Chicoine-Wilson, who did a great deal of the French translation for the new website.
  • How-Sen Chong who redesigned our style guide and logos.
  • Peter Walbridge and the Sierra Club US team who helped finalize the new logos.
  • Our Sierra Club Canada Chapters and Programs including the Wild Child program who contributed to the final design. Special shout out to the Atlantic Chapter and Oshean Juneja and Tynette Deveaux who contributed in this respect.
  • The National Staff, National Communications Committee, and Sierra Club Canada Board who worked to get this website up and running.
  • Other external organizations and firms we consulted with on the redesign.
  • Photographers from across the organization and externally who contributed beautiful pictures to make the site shine.
  • Finally thank you to you, our supporters, members, and donors who help us continue to do this work and who made this project possible.