Spring Activities in Ajax

Last year with funding from RBC's Blue Water Grants, Sierra Club Ontario joined Town of Ajax, and Toronto Regional Conservation Authority to remove stormwater outflow pipes along Ajax’s beaches and replace them with bioswales to help improve water quality. Bioswales are human-created wetland features which slow the flow of stormwater, allowing nutrients and contaminants to be absorbed and filtered by the plants and soil, before the water reaches the beaches.

Last spring we had a successful tree planting at the Paradise Beach bioswale, and will be hosting another Tree planting and additional workshops and events this spring. List of events and volunteer opportunities below:

March 4thAnnual Waterfront Open House

March 18th – Tabling at Town of Ajax’s Film Night, RSVP required at AJAX.CA – Drop by and say Hi!

April 22nd – Green Living Days Tree Planting, Paradise Beach – This event is not open to the public. Three Ajax schools will be participating in the planting.

May 2nd – Community Garbage Cleanup, 10-12 pm., Paradise Beach Bioswale location, see flyer for details. Registration required.

May 28th – Greening Your Grounds Workshop, 6:30-9 pm., Carruthers March Pavilion (55 Ashbury Boulevard) – “What is a rain garden? How does it work? And should I install a permeable patio?”


If you have any questions, are interested in volunteering at or attending any of these events, please contact ontariochapter@sierraclub.ca