Collective Gardens, Wildfire Smoke, Feeding a Community, and Making Friends

The Environment in Canada Podcast, Episode 12, on Urban Agriculture and Collective Gardens

Urban Agriculture Collective Gardens: Picture of a harvest from the Milton Parc garden in Montréal, Québec, from their Instagram.Conor talks with Talia about collective gardens and urban agriculture; all the benefits they bring and the challenges they face in feeding communities. They discuss the impact climate change is having on urban agriculture and particularly the impact of wildfire smoke on peoples’ ability to get outside. There’s also information on how you can get involved, whether you live in Montréal where this garden is located, or want help setting up one locally where you are.

In our environmental question Q&A this week we answer your question: What is the one thing I can do, as somebody concerned about the environment, that would have the biggest impact?

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Talia is an Urban Agriculture Coordinator with the Milton Parc Citizens Committee. You can find their collective garden on Facebook (group name is Les Jardins Collectifs Milton Parc) and Instagram ( @jardinscollectifsmiltonparc).

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