Urban Sprawl Keeps Killing Off What Is Left Of Niagara’s Wildlife – Get Engaged In Ontario’s G

Written in Niagara at Large, this piece by John Bacher highlights the detrimental effects of urban sprawl on wildlife and ecosystems in Niagara, such as habitat fragmentation and genetic uniformity. The article also serves as a platform to urge Ontario residents, specifically around Lake Ontario and the Golden Horseshoe, to engage in the 2015 Greenbelt Review and help prevent forms of urbanization which are fatal to wildlife. Read article here.


Come to the Town Hall nearest you. Bring your friends.  Air your views. Your voice is important!

For more information on the Review and ways to participate go to: http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/Page10882.aspx  (or the MMAH website)

For more information on our wonderful Greenbelt: http://www.greenbelt.ca/

For studies on some of the threats facing our Greenbelt: http://greenbeltunderthreat.ca/