Wild Child Branches Out to PEI

Tuesday, July 22 was the first day of the Wild Child program on Prince Edward Island. I awoke bright and early, and was soon on my way to the Campus Kids Daycare at the UPEI campus. I arrived during snack-time and was given homemade biscuits with butter. An excellent start to my first day.The children were all excited to hear what we would be doing that day, though I kept it a secret. Once we had all changed into our outside shoes we were on our way. We walked across campus to an open area with benches and trees. The children were then put into pairs and played what they refer to simply as "The Tree Game". One child covers their eyes while the partner leads them to a tree, which they must then hug. They are then led away and spun in a circle. The goal is to figure out which tree they had hugged. Most of the children guess the correct tree first, though I couldn't tell if they were very good at the game or maybe just peaking. Regardless, the children loved it.We then walked around and looked at the differences between all the trees. On one tree we found a beetle tangled in some yarn. We freed him and sent him on his way, after everyone got a good look of course.The following Thursday the Tree Game was repeated with the children at Bright Futures Daycare. We did not find a beetle that day, but we did encounter a confederate sailor by the Confederation Centre that demonstrated his whistle for us! Stay tuned for more WIld Child adventures! Who knows what we wil discover next ….