Wild Child NS Takes Action on Wildfires

In Nova Scotia our Wild Child programs, who regularly provide outdoor education for kids, have been using their early childhood education skills to provide a safe space for the kids of families displaced by the fires there. 

These spaces are proving important for providing some sense of normalcy, both for kids and for their parents. Ashley, one of our Wild Child educators, told the story of a child whose family had been evacuated who came to one of these Wild Child spaces and how their face lit up upon seeing a pile of legos.

Our Wild Child NS program had another family who came with their son and two dogs. The family were living in their trailer at a Walmart parking lot. They had no space to exercise (for themselves or their pets) and so came to see Wild Child at the Decathlon gym to burn some much needed energy on a rainy day. Wild Child wants to say thank you to Sobeys for donating some child-friendly snacks to offer the kids too.

Find out more about our Wild Child Programs in Alberta, PEI, and Nova Scotia on their program page on our new website.

Find out more about how to minimize your exposure to air pollution from the wildfires, and how to build a budget indoor air filter, in a recent article by our Sierra Club Ontario Chapter’s Jake Cole.