Canada Wildfire Causes and Other Climate Impacts – Essential Reading

With the Canada wildfire season already upon us it’s urgent that we understand the causes of these fires (and the indisputable link to oil and gas emissions) and other impacts.

“Climate crisis made spate of [2023] Canada wildfires twice as likely scientists find. Burning of fossil fuels made fires at least twice as likely, and the fire-prone weather at least 20% more intense, study shows.”

The Guardian (UK).

The increase in forest fires is NOT because of arson.

Page Canada Wildfire Causes, image of a wildfire with the text climate crisis made the spate of Canada wildfires twice as likelyIn the wake of these ‘climate fires’ strong climate policies like the emissions cap, have become more urgent than ever. It’s also clear that oil and gas CEOs have been lying to the public and to their own workers for decades. A real, green, future for workers and communities is possible and necessary.

Blaming other countries for climate change overlooks both Canada’s high per capita emissions and historical emissions that contributed to the climate crisis. We won’t inspire others to do more on climate change if we continue to contribute a lot more emissions per person than they do.

Here are more sources and important reading:

“Criticism intensifies after big oil admits ‘gaslighting’ public over green aims. Fury as ‘explosive’ files reveal largest oil companies contradicted public statements and wished bedbugs upon critical activists…. Previous releases of internal documents have shown that the oil industry knew of the devastating impact of climate change but chose instead to downplay and even deny these findings publicly in order to maintain their business model.”

The Guardian

“The oily backroom campaign to sink the federal emissions cap.

The National Observer

“The oil giant Exxon privately “predicted global warming correctly and skilfully” only to then spend decades publicly rubbishing such science in order to protect its core business, new research has found.”

The Guardian

It is not arson: untangling climate misinformation around Canada’s raging wildfires.”

The Narwhal

Wildfires around Fort Nelson, B.C., and Fort Liard, N.W.T., had caused widespread outages in Yukon and parts of N.W.T. — including 911 emergency services… Fires burned through Northwestel redundancy options.”

CBC News [2024]

“Rise in extreme wildfires linked directly to emissions from oil companies in new study.”

CBC News

“Canada’s forests haven’t absorbed more carbon than they’ve released since 2001.”

The Narwhal

“Desjardins Exit from Flood Zone Mortgages May Ripple Across Canada.”

The Energy Mix

“Climate Disasters Set 2024 On Course for ‘Record Year of Human Suffering.’”

The Energy Mix

“Climate change is already costing Canadian households billions of dollars—and these costs are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Canadian Climate Institute

“Hurricane Fiona is among 10 most expensive climate disasters worldwide: report.”

CBC News

The fossil fuel industry wants people to believe that it’s  climate policy that’s causing a rise in cost of living, when it’s the industry’s actions and obscene profits that are really harming Canadians (for every dollar of inflation in the last two years in Canada, 25 cents of that has gone to oil and gas and mining extraction profits).

We could have a green future, where communities have greater control over their energy, the question is why do oil and gas CEOs want to hold us back from having that green future.

Read our fact sheets on carbon pricing and the emissions cap. You can also consult this guide to common climate myths.


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