Don’t Let Canada Burn – How to Communicate on Wildfires and Climate Change

The Environment in Canada Podcast, Episode 24 on How to Communicate on Wildfires and Climate Change

Get the facts on the how oil and gas corporations have caused the climate crisis and made wildfires much more likely and more destructive in our fact sheet.

‘The climate crisis made the previous spate of 2023 Canada wildfires twice as likely scientists found and made fire-prone weather at least 20% more intense.’

This week we are featuring the podcast edition of our recent webinar Winning Hearts & Minds on Wildfires with Empathetic Storytelling with Louise Comeau. Listen in to learn some important communications techniques on this topic.

Don't Let Canada Burn Page Photo, picture of Louise Comeau on a green background In the podcast version we also answer your Q&A question about whether we should use facts or stories in speaking to others.

Watch the webinar section of this podcast episode in video format here.

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